I am a bit of a cryptic crossword enthusiast. I have been solving since my teens and more recently have had some fun setting them. For an all-round challenge, my favourite is the Listener and I've been solving almost continuously since 2007. Otherwise I also like the Guardian, Times and Telegraph cryptics (depending on the length of the train journey). I have recently published Listener 4398. Due to copyright issues I can't post that here, but below are some of the standard cryptics I've written.

22/10/2008 Easy
25/10/2008 Medium
18/11/2008 Medium
16/03/2009 Hard
22/07/2010 Medium
02/08/2010 Easy
11/08/2010 Hard
29/06/2013 Hard Written for the wedding of Michael Shuter (Australian) and Nina Marinsek (Slovenian)
which took place in Slovenia. Warning: some basic Slovenian knowledge may be useful!

13/04/2020 Easy